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Why strategy?

The best social missions can fail to achieve lasting change if they're not financially sound, well-managed, and focused on the right things.  

Whether you're a for-profit or nonprofit social enterprise, double-, triple- or quadruple-bottom-line business, you need a sound strategy. 

We can help you create, tweak, or change your strategy, and align it with your operations.

What is strategy?

Social enterprises need to have a corporate strategy, based on being a low-cost provider or differentiating your organization in some way. 

The goal is to create more economic value than your competitors, which helps you deliver more to your customers or clients.

Value creation, not value "stealing", creates a win-win solution for all stakeholders. 

Recent work

Created a financial and social impact dashboard for a regional nonprofit serving western Pennsylvania.

Used the social business model canvas to re-align a social enterprise in Homewood.

Created a strategy, operational plan, and marketing plan for a group of three social enterprises in Homewood, Pa.

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