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I help nonprofits and businesses: uncover innovations with potential for widespread adoption, design and run processes  to improve adoption of innovative programs and products, and capture and disseminate key organizational learnings.

I've worked in a number of industries:

- 10 years in the chamber of commerce industry, 16 years total in nonprofits and foundations
- Higher education
- Consulting
- Manufacturing / packaging
- Contingent (temporary) staffing

I wholeheartedly support the philosophy behind Buckingham & Clifton's Strengths Finder - we need to spend more time focused on building our strengths. My results:

(Top 5)
1. Strategic - in any given scenario can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues
2. Intellection - evaluate ideas, theories by looking at them from every possible angle
3. Learner - motivated to continually acquire knowledge and skills
4. Individualization - gifted in figuring out how people who are different can work together productively
5. Futuristic - inspire others with their visions of the future 


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